Let’s face it – taxes can be scary, and as a business owner, you have a million things to do each day.  You have to find and keep customers, make sure your products and services are up to snuff, manage employees, put out fires, avoid crises, make payroll, and on and on.  The last thing you want or need to do is think about your bookkeeping and taxes.  And besides, you’re no tax professional.


Welcome to Professor Tax USA.


goingnationwideAt Professor Tax we take your bookkeeping and tax needs personally.  We are a national company with the heart of a neighborhood bookkeeper.  Our founder, Henry Baurley, started more than thirty years ago as an accounting teacher, then retired after 28 years as an enrolled IRS agent, and has never lost his passion for educating the people he serves.  When he started Professor Tax USA he knew he wanted to treat his clients not only like students, but as friends.


345_taxyourbrainWhen you become our client, no matter where in the country your business is, you will receive a personal monthly pickup and delivery visit from either Henry or Daryl Baurley, and that separates us from every other tax and bookkeeping company in America.  In addition, you receive unlimited consulting – call day or night and receive the attention you deserve.  We are licensed tax professionals in every state in the country, and Henry is a Treasury Department enrolled IRS agent.  This means that, in the event you have an issue with the IRS, Professor Tax can represent you just like an attorney.  You can know that we will take care of you.  We will take the fear out of your taxes.  We take your taxes personally.


It’s all part of the service.  So, come on, don’t tax your brain.  Call today and let the Professor do what he does best so you can do what you do best – build your business.


‘Any reference to the word professor on this website refers to our federal trademark “Professor Tax”.’