Please click on the line below to see a sample income tax graph taken from IRS data:




Click here for the General And Administrative Expenses Spreadsheet

…..The graph/chart above is a sample from the IRS data taken from the latest Form 1040 tax returns available. This particular one is for Real Estate Brokers.

…..We are in the process of redesigning all our graphs for the first time in over 15 years. We are very excited to see the latest changes in percentages of individual expenses.  Fortunately the changes are reasonable for the time period involved.  These graphs/charts will have more detail than the previous ones and they are in color!

….. All our current clients will be getting the new series of graphs/charts before the year is out.  And we will be explaining to you how to use them with your bookkeeping.  There is NO CHARGE for the new charts and I personally am looking forward to going over the charts with our clients.  Henry – Founder